About Us

At Up Close & Personal Promotions our goal is to create long-term partnerships with our clients by providing quality, value-added service and savings. We work behind the scenes to spare you all the time-consuming, nerve-fraying jobs that go with the territory. When we plans your events, you will have no surprises, no hidden costs, and no moments of panic. We can cater for every aspect of your event, Music Festival, Product Launch, Roadshow etc etc from inception to conclusion. We look forward to working with you and making your event a resounding success

Company Profile
Up Close and Personal Promotions has been in existence since 2006 under the stewardship of Aidan Shortall, in this period of time we have worked on 100s of International Music Festivals, Tours and corporate events,. Thus gaining some valuable experience insight and knowledge into the Music World therefore been able to anticipate our clients wants and needs.

Event Management, Festival Booking, Photography Services, Publicity Services, Transportation Services.
















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